Well, let’s get started. New blog. New web presence. New career, really. But where to start?

I could start with the job interview I had last week. I was laid off in December from a job I’d held for more than a decade. I was a reporter/manager/editor/ad sales rep/replacer of light bulbs and killer of spiders for a community newspaper in Knoxville, TN. As you can guess, we all wore a lot of hats. Downsized amicably with chance to work freelance later.

The interview in question was for a job creating marketing content. One of the interviewers asked if I’d written any blogs. I answered a truthful no, and she rolled her eyes. “I’ve heard all I need,” she said. Ouch.

I could start with landing my first job at that newspaper, the instant fulfillment from telling stories and telling them well. The thrill I got from toting around my huge camera and little notepad.

And sometimes even taking my kid to Laser Tag. Yes, this was for a story.

Lots of beginnings. And right now I’m kicking off my freelance career, so add one more.

But here’s something you should know. I named this blog “The Plucky Pen” because there’s a grittiness and tenacity that goes into community journalism, and a lot of fun, too. We’re not out there winning Pulitzers, but we are having a great time loving our little corner of the universe, warts and all.

No, this ain’t the Daily Planet. I’m not Lois Lane. No heels and pencil skirts here, no grandiose scoops. Just meeting lots of wacky, precious people and getting their stories told.

I’d appreciate it if you all would follow me on whatever social media you prefer, or even follow this blog. Just search pluckypen or use the widgets here on the site. Great things to come! Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Beginnings”

  1. Love it. Turning the negative from a trend being seen with print media into a positive by participating in the virtual revolution. Stop by if you get a chance. We now have web sites up on all three farm businesses with blog capability. I know the importance, but we just haven’t had the time.


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