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Good news from the Inkwell, followed by a laugh

Before I get going, I have some updates from Plucky Pen Headquarters, hereinafter called The Inkwell. My freelance work is up and running, and the common denominator among my clients goes something like this:

I know how important blogging and social media are, but I just can’t get around to it.

Tell me about it. This stuff takes time, and time is money when you’re running a business.

So, shout out to my newest clients. First off, I’m back freelancing for Shopper-News, focusing on Union County and North Knox County. I’m also freelance proofreading and soon to be writing for The Slippery Rock Gazette, a stone industry trade magazine published by Braxton-Bragg here in Knoxville. They’re good folks, and I’m getting a crash course in granite countertops.

I have a blogging and social media client that I can’t announce yet, as their business will open soon in Halls Crossroads. I’m writing blog posts for Thunder Road Wine Trail and the Winery at Seven Springs Farm. If you haven’t tried these local wines, you should make it a priority. I consider myself a wine snob, and I think they’re slap-your-momma good.

And last but not least, I’m proofreading a novel.

So, while my plate is getting high, it’s certainly not full yet. I’m still accepting new clients, and I’d be glad to extend my services to you. Now, on with the post!

Journalism humor

The life of a community journalist can be stressful, but it’s also full of laughs. Between deadlines, my good buddy Jake Mabe and I used to blow off some steam gathered around a computer screen watching YouTube videos. And of course, the subject matter was often the news.

One of our favorites is this gem from Saturday Night Live. Try to go on vacation from your beat. I dare ya.

And what news-related laugh would be complete without Ted Baxter from the Mary Tyler Moore Show? (yes, we’re old-school)

But the best one, the clip that always cheered us up, was one from WKRP in Cincinnati, another show from days gone by. You see, our boss used to have us do “Blitzes,” in which we descended unannounced on a local shopping center, drove around with horns blaring and signs waving, then invaded each shop to interview the proprietor and try to sell an ad. Looking back, I’m surprised no one called the law. The shenanigans reminded us a bit of this.

As God as my witness, y’all. I thought turkeys could fly.

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