What am I doing lately?

In short, it’s been a crazy few months at Plucky Pen Headquarters.

I got a crash course in video marketing with a project from Nine Lakes Wine Festival. I traveled to 20 wineries in East and Middle Tennessee and created videos for each of them. I know, I know…people keep asking me where I found that kind of gig, and all I can say is that it fell in my lap. Big thanks to Rick Riddle of Nine Lakes Wine Country for having a little faith in me. You can find the a bunch of the videos on YouTube and under the videos tab of the festival’s Facebook page. It was a wonderful project, and I met so many kind people. I also drank a lot of great wine!

In April, the corporate overlords fired my boss at Shopper-News. Shortly thereafter, same corporate overlords killed the Union County edition of the Shopper, which I had founded. It was a really tragic move for the folks in Union County because, to be honest, they didn’t have another good, professional news source. I followed former Shopper publisher Sandra Clark to her new project, KnoxTNToday.com, where I’m covering news for Fountain City and Halls and shepherding the social media aspect of the business. We’re all online except for a quarterly mailer that Sandra is doing, so no waste, no soggy papers in people’s driveways. And we’re covering great news as soon as it happens. Lots of fun!

But what about Union County? Well, J.T. Russell and his son Aaron have stepped in with HistoricUnionCounty.com. They’ve been selling ads and getting news together, and just recently they asked me to start writing one story per week. I’m overjoyed! I was so worried about my friends there, and it’s good to know we won’t lose touch.

I’ve also got a few stories into the Knoxville alt weekly, The Knoxville Mercury, and I’m still writing and proofing for Braxton-Bragg’s Slippery Rock Gazette. Good times all around, and still room to grow! Thank you all for following this stage of my career. Here’s hoping for more good news to come!

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